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Contemporary Wedding Photography Sheffield

Sheffield Botanical Gardens is one of our favourite places for photographs of our couples following their wedding ceremony. The couple seen in this image had been married in South Anston and were to have their wedding reception at the wonderful Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield and made a detour here on the way. A beautiful place at any time of year but particularly on a nice, warm summers afternoon.

Botanical Gardens Wedding Photography

We like to spend a few minutes alone with our couples photographing them together on their wedding day. This is a good opportunity for the couple to relax together during a natural break in the day’s proceedings. This time apart from their guests is a good time to discuss the day so far and all the wonderful things they have to look forward to together. Our style is very much in that you get on with the business of your wedding day and we record it, but there is always room for some contemporary wedding day images to remind you of how wonderful you looked together on this most special of days.

Keywords: bride & groom portrait (74), bride and groom together (115), Sheffield Botanical Gardens (62). 1/125; f/3.5; ISO 1800; 120.0 mm.