Dramatic Wedding Dress Photography Royal Victoria Hotel
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Dramatic Wedding Dress Photography Royal Victoria Hotel

We like to create some dramatic photographs for our couples during the various parts of their wedding day. This picture was taken on one of two beautiful staircases in the Crown Plaza Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield and shows the brides wedding gown hanging from the banister. We love staircases and previously used the other staircase in the Royal Victoria Hotel to photograph a couple at another wedding day. The picture seems even more dramatic in black and white than in colour.

Photographs of wedding day items such as wedding dress, flowers, wedding cars, jewellery, room settings and the wedding cake are all an important part of telling the story of the wedding day. Pictures from before the wedding ceremony, the "getting ready" or "bridal preparations" all tell a part of the storey of the day and show how events unfold for the couple. The Royal Victoria Hotel is a beautiful Sheffield wedding venue and is becoming a firm favourite for us to photograph weddings at.

Royal Victoria Wedding Dress Photo

The wedding dress is always one of the big items purchased for a wedding which needs photographing in all its glory. The wedding dress can often be the single most expensive thing bought for a wedding day and can to many brides be the item which really personalises their day and the thing that really means the most to them, other than the person they marry. There are so many different styles of wedding dress and so many ways to display them for the photographs. We always try to make the dress look as lovely in the photographs as it does in life and to put it in the best surroundings for the pictures.

Keywords: Royal Victoria Hotel (4), staircase (7), wedding dress (14). 1/200; f/2.8; ISO 1800; 14.0 mm.