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Forest and Vale Engagement Ring

Details of a wedding day for us as photographers includes many small things added together to tell the story of the wedding day. These can be tiny items such as earrings, the engagement ring and often some sentimental items from a departed family member that the bride chooses to carry with her. Many of the things despite being small, can have significant value. Engagement rings and jewellery in general can be very expensive so recording them as part of the story of the day is vital.

North Yorkshire Wedding

In this image the engagement ring is placed of a brilliant white table top which has the added feature of being semi-reflective. Like many of the items we see on a wedding day, this is both beautiful and very valuable, not just in financial terms but as a statement from the groom to the lady he wishes to be his wife and life partner. There are many other items we see which although expensive, won't pass the test of time. Flowers are a good example, stunningly beautiful but only her for a brief moment in time, it is our task to record their existence and the part the play during the wedding day so the memory of them remains as the story is retold from the future.

The Forest and Vale Hotel is located on Malton Road, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7DL and their website can be found at:

Keywords: engagement ring (10). 1/200; f/8.0; ISO 250; 90.0 mm.