Getting Ready for a Whitley Hall Hotel Wedding
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Getting Ready for a Whitley Hall Hotel Wedding

This photograph was captured in the bride’s home shortly before she set off for her Whitley Hall Hotel wedding. The bride had just finished her bridal preps and was all ready for her wedding. The bride had got ready for her big day at home, had just defended the stairs and was rounding the corner to walk into her kitchen to see her father for the first time in her wedding dress. I snapped this photograph from the top of her stairs almost without looking as there was little time to think about the shot or I would have missed the moment. I really like this photograph. With time and setting it up it could have been better composed and framed, but then it would have just looked staged, as it is it is 100% natural and candid, and all the better for it.

Natural Wedding Day Photography

We try not to stage wedding photographs, we don't style shoots, set things up or ask you to get into unnatural poses just to create some stunning image for our website, portfolio, or latest competition entry. Your wedding day should be your day for you to do as you wish, it isn't an opportunity for your photographer to create some wonderful piece of work for their own needs or wants while keeping you tied up half the day and separated from your guests, it isn't on! We try to make your wedding photography experience as good as we can, we will work hard to get you the best pictures we can to remind you for all time of your wonderful day but we try as much as possible to do it from the side-lines.

Keywords: getting ready (53), Sheffield (192). 1/160; f/2.0; ISO 2800; 85.0 mm.