Kenwood Hall Rainy Day Wedding
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Kenwood Hall Rainy Day Wedding

The Kenwood Hall Hotel in the wonderful tree-filled suburb of Nether Edge, Sheffield is one of the cities finest Wedding Venues. The hotel is situated in 12 acres of magnificent grounds suitable for most types of wedding from small to fairly large.

Kenwood Hall Hotel Wedding

The grounds boast a magnificent lake which makes a stunning backdrop to capture images around even if it is pouring with rain! This image was captured on Kenwood Road between the main Kenwood Hotel and Kenwood Hall as our happy couple stroll under umbrellas in the pouring rain to meet their guests following the ceremony. One thing we can do absolutely nothing about is the British summer (this was in the middle of August) but we always manage to get some Wedding Day pictures one way or another. The only time it stopped raining on this day was during the meal. That unfortunately is the hand that life deals us, we just have to work with it...

The Wedding itself was tremendous fun despite the rain. We walked around various parts of the grounds at the hotel afterwards and captured many lovely images of or couple, a fair number of which they chose for their album. It was lovely to be asked to stay behind after we had finished and party away with the rest of the guests, a lovely end to a lovely day... The Kenwood Hotel is one of the finest Wedding venues around and we are so lucky to have it in Sheffield. I never tire of it, the staff are so helpful and take the time to make every couple feel so very special, highly recommended.

Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

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