Mosborough Hall Hotel Wedding
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Mosborough Hall Hotel Wedding

At the start of every Wedding day we spend some time capturing as many of the details small and large which go towards making every Wedding Day special and unique.

Wedding Day Photography Details

These wedding day details that we need to photograph include items such as jewellery, flowers, dresses and shoes, something old, something new, something borrowed and perhaps something blue. All these items are important in telling the story of the day as well as frequently being of great sentimental value. The brides engagement ring is one of those very important items, a symbol of the love of a man for his wife to be, the beginning of a journy through life together as a couple and the ring symbolising the unbroken circle of love between the two lovers. It doesn't matter if the ring is big or small, new or old, it is the thought behind the action that is the all important part of the act of giving and looking to the future. This image shows the engagement ring together with a heart-shaped pendant both on the Brides couch-purse. The pendant had great sentimental significance to our Bride, a symbol of someone who couldn't be there and is here with a symbol of love from her husband to be on one of the most important days of their lives together so far.

Keywords: Mosborough Hall Hotel (15). 1/160; f/11.0; ISO 4500; 90.0 mm.