Peak Edge Hotel Derbyshire Wedding Photography
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Peak Edge Hotel Derbyshire Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is as much about the smaller "moments" captured during the wedding day as it is about the "bigger pictures". This image captured at the Peak Edge Hotel near Chesterfield says it all; the bride and groom are together for the first time on their wedding day and immediately they hold hands, not only to show how much they love each other, but also to provide reassurance to each other as they undertake their vows before the assembled family's and friends. Capturing these little details is part of our job along with creating the images of the family groups and the other well known parts of the day. When we see things like this, these are real "moments", we haven't created or staged them, we couldn't shout to them to "hold hands" as the registrar conducts the service, these are real and emotional parts of the day.

Peak Edge Hotel Wedding

This wedding was our first at the Peak Edge Hotel and took place on the most romantic of days, Saint Valentines Day in 2014. It was a real moment for us to be photographing the coming together of a happy and in love couple on this most special of days and photographing their day at this wonderful venue made it in some ways even more special.

The Peak Edge Hotel can be found on Darley Road, Chesterfield S45 0LW and their website is at

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