Peak Edge Wedding Engagement Ring
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Peak Edge Wedding Engagement Ring

There are many parts to a wedding day we will try to photograph, some of them are the large parts of the day that everyone would think of, the bride walking down the isle to meet her waiting groom, the wedding ceremony itself, the cutting of the wedding cake and the first dance, but there are many other things that go to make up a wedding day that we will try to capture. This brides engagement ring together with a letter from her mum on the occasion of her very special day is one of the special moments we captured from this wedding day. The mother of the bride had written this special note to her daughter wishing her luck on this, her wedding day. Our bride was overcome with emotion as she read the note from her mum as she prepared for her wedding, this was a truly special moment between a mother and her child and capturing the detail of the note was something we were more than happy to do for them though only part of the note can be seen here with the brides engagement ring placed on top of the letter.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography

This image was from a wedding ceremony and reception that took place at the amazing Peak Edge Hotel situated between Chesterfield and Matlock in North East Derbyshire. this wonderful venue a superb venue for a wedding and really is special and that little bit different.

The Peak Edge Hotel can be found on Darley Road, Chesterfield S45 0LW and their website is at

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