Saint Mary's Church Ecclesfield
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Saint Mary's Church Ecclesfield

This is the beautiful parish church of Saint Mary's in Ecclesfield on the outskirts of Sheffield. The present day church dates from around 1500 but retains some earlier features including the tower, parts of the nave and the main pillars supporting the nave roof are all retained from the previous building, and date back to somewhere around the twelfth century. We have always admired this church on the many occasions we have passed it on our way to other wedding venues including the equally wonderful Whitley Hall Hotel a very short drive away. It wasn't until 2019 we had the chance to photograph our first wedding here in this spectacular and ancient building and what a fantastic wedding this was.

Ecclesfield Church Wedding

In a similar way to the way three busses all arrive at once, once we had been booked for wedding photography here, more wedding photography bookings followed in rapid succession! After all the years of wanting to photograph a wedding here, the experience was worth the wait. Being inside such a wonderful and old building brings a wonderful and calm feeling, it is such an atmospheric place which exudes such a warm and loving feeling which simply cannot be described. If you are in the area and are looking for a beautiful church for a wedding ceremony or are simply just passing and are curious, this place really does warrant a look inside to experience it first hand. Supper wedding venue, couldn't ask for anything better!

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