Saint Mary's Church Ecclesfield Wedding Photography
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Saint Mary's Church Ecclesfield Wedding Photography

The wedding photograph shown here is from the first wedding we photographed at the magnificent parish church of St Mary's in the village of Ecclesfield on the outskirts of North Sheffield. Having undertaken their wedding ceremony, the newly married couple make their way back down the isle before exiting this magnificent church on their way to their wedding reception at the equally beautiful Whitley Hall Hotel close by.

Ecclesfield Church Wedding and Whitley Hall Wedding Reception

We have photographed many weddings at Whitley Hall and love to work in the magnificent surroundings there. This was the first wedding reception there following a church wedding that we had undertaken but it was no less special for the slightly different format. St Mary's and Whitley Hall make an excellent combination being so close together, so close in fact it would almost seem possible to walk between the two! Each and every wedding day is as different as the couples getting married. It is wonderful to see how each couple put their own special spin on their wedding day to make it an extra special day for them. Hardly a year goes by when we don't have at least one wedding at Whitley Hall and sometimes it is many, many more. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Whitley Hall or St. Mary's in Ecclesfield wedding, we would love to talk to you about your plans for your special day.

Saint Mary's Church in Ecclesfield can be found on Church Street in Ecclesfield, Sheffield S35 9WE and their website is at

Keywords: church wedding (28), Ecclesfield Church (4), married (9). 1/200; f/5.0; ISO 7200; 56.0 mm.