Waterton Park Hotel Lake Arch Wedding Photography
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Waterton Park Hotel Lake Arch Wedding Photography

The lake or more correctly moat at Waterton Park Hotel is an unusual feature and makes for some very interesting photography opportunities as well as logistical issues for the hotel staff! Everything that cannot be carried by one person over the bridge has to come to Walton Hall by boat and this includes the beer for the bar!

Waterton Park Hotel Wedding Photography

Walton Hall in the middle of the island is a Grade II* listed building and forms the centrepiece of the Waterton Park Hotel complex. There are so many wonderful places for photography in and around Walton Hall it is difficult to know where to begin. We made a good start but another wedding for us here would enable us to explore some of the locations we didn't get chance to use at this wedding. A wonderful venue and one we hope to be visiting again to explore further.

Keywords: Waterton Park Hotel (4). 1/200; f/5.6; ISO 220; 17.0 mm.