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Wedding Photographer Kenwood Hall

During our time as wedding photographers we have seen many wonderful examples of human skill and creativity in taking some everyday objects and transforming them into something stunning. Flowers can be magnificent even singly, buy when a skilled florist takes a collection of flowers and combines them into a stunning bridal bouquet like this one produced by of the wild in Sheffield we get to see something truly beautiful and amazing.

Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

The choice of colours and they way they are combined together to make a bouquet as beautiful as this one is an amazing sight to see. We always try to capture the bridal bouquet as flowers for a wedding can be very expensive as well as being very beautiful and as wedding photographers our job is to document them so in years to come when the flowers and petals are just a memory, the images of the flowers will remain as a reminder of the beauty which once existed.

Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

Keywords: bouquet (7), Kenwood Hall Hotel (153). 1/160; f/3.2; ISO 4500; 85.0 mm.