Wedding Photographer Waterton Park Hotel Wakefield
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Wedding Photographer Waterton Park Hotel Wakefield

This image is from a wedding at the Waterton Park Hotel near Wakefield in West Yorkshire. The bride and her mother admire the brides stunning wedding gown as it hangs from the curtain rail in the bridal suite. We always try to photograph the wedding dress before the bride puts it on. this is one of our wish list shots prior to a wedding though we never work through a wedding to any kind of formula as we record the comings and goings of a busy wedding day.

Waterton Park Wedding Photography

This was our first ever wedding at Waterton Park which is an amazing wedding venue just outside Wakefield in West Yorkshire. The venue is split into two parts, the hotel on the mainland for the getting ready and ceremony part of the day and Waterton Hall on an island in the middle of an expansive lake. Waterton Hall is a Grade II* listed building with considerable historical significance and is accessed on foot by an iron bridge which is also Grade II* listed. The journey across the bridge really makes for something different on a wedding day and is something that every venue cannot provide. The views over the lake are also quite wonderful making it a good place to photograph the happy couple as well as relax on a warm evening and just soak up the view and the atmosphere.

Keywords: wedding dress (14). 1/250; f/2.8; ISO 800; 26.0 mm.