Wedding Photography Kenwood Hall Bridal Portrait
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Wedding Photography Kenwood Hall Bridal Portrait

At every wedding we photograph we try to get at least one portrait of the bride from a high angle like this. Pictures from this angle give the chance to show off the dresses it fills the background behind the bride. We don't normally work to a formula, have a set shot list (other than the normal formal group shots of bride and groom with parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and siblings, complete wedding party etc), these shots are almost prerequisites from a wedding, but other than that, we just photograph what we see.

A wedding day belongs to the bride and groom, not the photographer, the person conducting the ceremony and certainly not the venue, all these people or locations are just there to provide the service to the couple getting married. As I frequently say to my couples, "it is your day, do it your way". We all feel the need to please family and friends from time to time and while it is valuable to listen to the wishes of others, remember who is getting married and what you want to do together. Above all, don't let your photographer take over your day and run it as they want or see fit, remember who is working for who!

Kenwood Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

This image was taken prior to a wedding at the magnificent Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield, one of the finest wedding venues in the North of England.

The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Kenwood Road, S7 1NQ. Their Website can be found at

Keywords: bridal portrait (17), getting ready (53), Kenwood Hall Hotel (153), Sheffield (192). 1/250; f/1.4; ISO 900; 85.0 mm.