Wedding Photography Silhouette Tankersley Park Golf
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Wedding Photography Silhouette Tankersley Park Golf

This photograph showing our bride and groom in silhouette was taken on Tankersley Park Golf Course which is located between Sheffield and Barnsley in South Yorkshire. The picture was taken during a bride and groom photo session following the wedding of this lovely couple at the close by, Tankersley Manor Hotel on a beautifully and sunny Saturday afternoon on a wonderful summer day. The couple wanted to have some quiet time away from their guests which also gave us an excellent opportunity to take some creative photographs of them together. Our bride had arranged with the golf club for us to access the course just after closing. This wonderful location enabled the creation of this dramatic silhouette of them walking hand in hand across the horizon with the sun providing a strong back-light to the image and the couple almost completely in darkness.

Wedding Photography at Tankersley Park Golf Club

Of course, we wouldn't ever have entered here without permission and were really glad our bride took matters into her own hands and arranged access so we could make this picture for them, as well as several others. Having some quiet time away from your guests is a really important thing to do if time and location allows. It lets the newlyweds relax for a few minutes as well as allowing the guests some time to enjoy a drink or perhaps check in if it is a hotel wedding.

Tankersley Park Golf Course is located on Park Lane, Tankersley, Sheffield S35 4LG

Keywords: bride and groom together (115), Sheffield (192), silhouette, Tankersley Park (2). 1/5000; f/2.8; ISO 100; 24.0 mm.