Wedding Photography Waterton Park Hotel Wakefield
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Wedding Photography Waterton Park Hotel Wakefield

Flowers and particularly the bridal bouquet are an important part of a wedding day and can also be a very expensive purchase. As flowers have such a short lifespan we feel it is very important to photograph them while they are at their best and record their beauty before they fade away. As with many parts of a wedding day, flowers are almost a consumable or disposable item which will quickly fade away and be forgotten, in time only the memory and the photographs of them will remain.

Wakefield Wedding Photography

Bridal Bouquet on a chair in the Bridal Suite at the Waterton Park Hotel near Wakefield. These flowers were beautiful and a real treat to see. Flowers can be so beautiful, it is such a shame they are just here for such a brief moment in time but thanks to our photography, these flowers plus the many others we have photographed over the years are preserved for the future.

Yorkshire Wedding Photography

The roses below are from another Yorkshire wedding which took place in Lastingham, North Yorkshire. Again, these are simply stunning catching the wonderful summer sunlight and showing off such wonderful and vibrant colours which through the medium of photography are preserved forever to be looked back on and enjoyed by future generations.

Keywords: bouquet (7). 1/250; f/1.4; ISO 320; 85.0 mm.