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Wentworth Church Wedding Photographer

Holy Trinity Church in Wentworth Village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire is an absolutely stunning venue for a church wedding. It was in Wentworth Church a few minutes before our couple had been married. The church can be seen perched on the hill in the background of the photograph which was taken a few minutes after the wedding ceremony. The church must be one of the most spectacular parish churches in the country with an absolutely stunning interior, amazing for a wedding ceremony. Our bride and groom walk back towards the village following a brief photo shoot in the fields overlooking Wentworth Village before heading back for their wedding reception.

Sheffield Destination Wedding Photographer

Being a Sheffield based wedding photographer make us centrally located and gives us easy access to most parts of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire as well as most other parts of the country. We do like many of the surrounding areas to us and feel we are very lucky to like in such a wonderful part of such a wonderful country.

Wedding Photography Bride and Groom Portraits

Close by Sheffield and to us is North East Derbyshire with some wonderful towns and villages. We have visited several village churches around Chesterfield to photograph weddings, there are some real hidden gems which sadly get under used. It is a real thrill to photograph a church wedding in the middle of summer in a sleepy village and it fills me with a nostalgic feeling of older times when the world seemed a simpler place, which it probably wasn't!

Ringwood Hall Wedding Photography

The church wedding shown here had the wedding reception at Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield so combined the best of both worlds, the church wedding and the hotel reception in the beautiful grounds, who really could ask for more from a days work?

Keywords: bride and groom together (115). 1/320; f/5.6; ISO 110; 90.0 mm.