Whitley Hall Hotel Staircase Wedding Photo
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Whitley Hall Hotel Staircase Wedding Photo

This photograph was taken at the beautiful Whitley Hall Hotel in Ecclesfield on the outskirts of Sheffield. The bride is now ready for her big day and descends the beautiful staircase in the main entrance hallway at Whitley Hall to make her way to her waiting wedding car. The bride along with her bridesmaids spent the night before the wedding at Whitley Hall so they were all in the right place ready to make an early start for her wedding day. Now the hair and makeup are all completed, they are all dressed, bouquets in hand, and ready for the wedding ceremony at the beautiful Saint Mary's parish church in Ecclesfield. While we have photographed many weddings at Whitley Hall during the time we have been wedding photographers, this was the first wedding we photographed at Saint Mary's, but it wasn't to be our last, a little like busses, you wait ages for one to come then three turn up all at the same time!

Whitley Hall Wedding Photography Locations

Whitley Hall has some wonderful location for wedding photographs both inside the hall itself and in the grounds. The grounds are extensive with some lovely features which we can incorporate into wedding day pictures. These including the pier out over the lake, the magnificent courtyard at the rear of the hall which is a wonderful location for wedding day photographs but particularly the large group photographs during the family formal photography which most couples require.

Keywords: staircase (7), Whitley Hall (43). 1/200; f/1.4; ISO 640; 35.0 mm.