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Yorkshire Destination Wedding Photographer

We had a fantastic time at this North Yorkshire wedding in the tiny village of Lastingham. This image shows one of the highlights of a wedding day and one of the parts everyone seems to love and look forward to, the confetti throwing. The confetti here was dried rose petals which are fantastic for a couple of reasons, they are amazingly colourful and also fully biodegradable so the is no danger of these hanging around in the environment for years to come.

Yorkshire Church Wedding

One of the things that made this day extra special for the village is that this was the first wedding in the village for many years. Like many villages throughout the UK, the youngsters have left to find jobs elsewhere and the current inhabitants of the village tend to be older commuters who will frequently drive many mile to their places of work rather than working in and around the village. This tends to mean most of the people in the village are already married and have families resulting in fewer and fewer weddings in the local churches. It was for this reason that there was a great deal of excitement as the wedding took place, the church hall was used for drinks and snacks following the wedding ceremony as we walked with the newly weds on the moors above the village to take some photographs of the couple where they got engaged which ultimately led to us photographing this North Yorkshire Wedding.

Keywords: church wedding (28), Lastingham (11). 1/640; f/5.6; ISO 320; 32.0 mm.