Whitley Hall Bride and Groom
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Whitley Hall Bride and Groom

Undertaking wedding photography in Sheffield takes us to some spectacular and sometimes historic venues. The wedding featured in this photograph was from our second wedding of 2015 at Whitley Hall Hotel Sheffield and what a wonderful place this is to be a wedding photographer! Although Whitley Hall has always been one of the premier wedding venues in Sheffield, we had never had the opportunity to photograph a wedding here until 2015 which is a real shame having seen what we have been missing!

The pier over the lake as well as the extensive grounds make for some excellent photographic opportunities at this interesting and stunning hall located on the outskirts of the city. Sarah was the type of bride we love to work with, everything was organised and planned in great detail, everyone knew where they needed to be and when, it really makes our day (and your wedding day) so much easier and relaxing when great organisational skills have been employed meaning everyone know what is expected of them and where they need to be and when.

Wedding Photography Whitley Hall Sheffield

Another interesting aspect of this wedding and a first for us was the use of owls for ring bearers. These are amazing animals to get up close to (though not if you are a mouse!), they are so graceful and absolutely silent as they fly, I hope we come across them again.

Wedding Photography Whitley Hall SheffieldOwl ring bearers at a Whitley Hall wedding

Whitley Hall has been one of the premier wedding venues in Sheffield for a long time and it is easy to see why, a stunning and very old property it makes an excellent backdrop to a special day.

The Whitley Hall Hotel is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK on Elliott Lane, S35 8NR. Their Website can be found at https://www.whitleyhall.com

Keywords: bridal portrait (51), bride & groom portrait (219), Sheffield (579), Whitley Hall (129). 1/500; f/3.2; ISO 200; 200.0 mm.