Rivelin Valley Engagement Photo Shoot : Rhian + Mark

I must have driven along Rivelin Valley Road a thousand times in my life but had never taken the time to get out of the car and walk along the river, a mistake! This is a beautiful valley to walk along even if like on this day back in early July it’s drizzling. We and tremendous fun at this couple’s wedding, we will be sharing some images in the future.

Rhian and Mark are a lovely and very happy couple

They seem always to be smiling and when they are not smiling they are laughing!

They asked for their engagement photography session to take place in Rivelin Valley, Sheffield

There are some amazing places tucked away and this is one of them, this metal chair set on a small island in the river is something I’ve never seen the likes of before!

An amazing walk along by the river

A beautiful little bridge is stunning

The weather tried to spoil things but we gamely carried on, undeterred!

We cannot wait for their Wedding at the Kenwood Hall Hotel next month!

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