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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we have been asked, this section will continue to grow as new questions are asked and we remember some of the old ones! If you have a different question you would like us to answer, please drop us an email through our Contact and we will try to help.

Q: What photography packages do you offer?

A: We like to keep things as simple as possible so we offer on basic package. This standard package is up to 10 hours coverage of Your Wedding Day by two photographers finishing just after your First Dance or at 9pm whichever comes first. From the images we capture we select the best for further processing, these are then supplied to you as high resolution jpeg images on USB stick for you to print and distribute as you wish. We also provide a password protected on-line gallery from which you and your family and friends can download images or order prints if required.

Q: Can you supply wedding albums?

A: Yes we do. We have a range of albums in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and cover options, please pop an email through with a rough outline of your requirements and we will supply a quotation.

Q: How do we book you?

A: First, please get in touch to confirm Your Wedding Date is available. If it is we will send out a Wedding Photography Agreement for you to review, complete and sign and a Booking Form which gathers some details about You and Your Wedding. Please complete the Wedding Photography Agreement and return it to us together with you deposit of £250, once we have these your Wedding Day is booked and further enquiries will be turned away.

Q: Can you hold a date for a few weeks while we think about it?!

A: Sorry no, we cannot hold dates. A booking is only considered to be taken once we have received a copy of the signed wedding photography agreement and your deposit, at this point the date is considered booked and all other enquiries for that date will be declined.

Q: What is the payment schedule?

A: We require a deposit of £250 and your completed and signed Wedding Photography Agreement back to secure your date. Payments then comprise of 50% of the remaining balance due no later than 3 calendar months before the wedding with the remaining payment due no later than 1 calendar month prior to the Wedding date.

Q: How long before we get our images?

A: We aim to get your edited, finished images to you in 3 - 6 weeks. All our images are edited individually which takes time! We want your images to look the best we can and we won't dump you with a load of unedited, unfinished pictures, it is inconvenient for you and does not best represent our work.

Q: How many pictures will we get?

A: This depends on a number of things such as: how long we are with you on your wedding day, how many guests you have, the type of ceremony and many more. We normally deliver between 500 - 750 but it can be outside this range.

Q: Do we get copyright of the pictures?

A: You get images in jpeg format which you are free to print and distribute among family and friends, share on social media etc., you cannot use them for commercial gain (sell them to a bridal magazine for example).

Q: How many photographers will photograph our wedding?

A: There will be two of us, Matthew as the main photographer with Deborah roaming around to catch other parts of the day from other angles. As there are two of us we can sometimes split up so one of us can capture the Groom and guests arriving while the other stays with the bride.

Q: Have you photographed at a particular venue before?

A: Why does it matter? We sometimes get asked by couples if we have photographed at a wedding venue before and find the question quite odd! It is as if they require some reasurance that we know where it is, or that somehow by having been there before it makes us better photographers! For us, the chance to go somewhere new, to explore a different venue and to make different pictures is always a wonderful and creative opportunity. Just because you have been somewhere before twenty times doesn't make the creative experience any better, in some ways there is always the temptation to create the same pictures as last week, to play it safe and not to create something unique for your couples and not just a carbon copy of last weeks wedding!

Q: Do you shoot video?

A: Sorry, we only provide still images, video requires a completely different skill set and trying to cover both dilutes our offering.

Q: Can we have the original RAW files?

A: Sorry no. We only supply selected and edited images.

Q: We only want half a days coverage, can we have a discount?

A: It depends! If you are planning a weekend Wedding in the middle of summer then unfortunately not, we will have other Couples wanting to book full-day coverage, if however you are having a midweek wedding in winter then please get in touch, we might be able to help.