Red Kite at Bellymack Hill Farm
Red Deer Range Castle Douglas
Red Kite at Bellymack Farm Laurieston
Red Deer Stags on Big Moor in Derbyshire
Red Kite at Bellymack Farm
Red Deer Range Galloway Forest Park
Red Deer Range Dumfries and Galloway
Red Deer Range New Galloway
Two Red Deer Stags on Big Moor Derbyshire

Wildlife Photography

We have some stunning animals in the UK, most are safe, some tolerant enough to be photographed at fairly close quarters though they can sometimes be a little tricky, but I'm happy to spend some time trying to get near them if I can. The red deer located on Big Moor are a particular favourite as they are close enough to home to make an outing with them just a few minutes drive away, but they are also wild enough to be a challenge.

Red Deer Photographs

The red deer of the Scottish Lowlands around Dumfries and Galloway are also a favourite with the added benefit of the endangered red squirrels which are the most amazing creatures to behold.