S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 1

It was terrific fun to photograph Stacey and Alan’s engagement session, we didn’t photograph their wedding in Athens as we were wedding guests and you should not (usually) mix business with pleasure! The Engagement photo shoot took place in Weston Park Sheffield, another of the Cities magnificent parks.

S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 2
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 3
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 4
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 5
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 6
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 7
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 9
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 10
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 11
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 15
S&A-wedding-photography-sheffield-sier 22

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