Matthew Sier

Wendy and William Wedding

We had a wonderful time photographing at the wedding of Wendy and William. This wedding took place at the Kenwood Hall Hotel in August 2018. The Kenwood Hall Hotel is one of the finest wedding venues in Sheffield, and probably the region. Being able to photograph such a wonderful couple at such a magnificent venue makes for a very happy Saturday out for both of us. Something new for us at this wedding was the Chinese Tea Ceremony. This took place following the wedding breakfast and permits family and guests present the newlyweds with gifts as they start their life together. Our bride wore a wonderful bright red dress for the tea ceremony before changing back into her wedding gown for the rest of the wedding day. A simply wonderful and we were so happy to be a part of this amazing day.

We had a wonderful time photographing the wedding of Wendy and William. This wedding took place at the Kenwood Hall Hotel in August 2018. At the start of the day we were greeted by the best of what the British summer had to offer, rain! Fortunately, as the day progressed the rain stopped and the clouds cleared allowing us some time to wander the grounds of the hotel and capture some images for our wonderful couple.

This is another wedding from summer 2017. We have been so busy photographing weddings that had not had chance to post this one yet. This is our first Wedding at the magnificent Cutlers Hall in Sheffield City Centre. This is fantastic venue in the city centre, probably the largest wedding venue in Sheffield. It was wonderful to work for such a happy and emotional couple who are so obviously in love with each other. It was obvious from the outset that they are so happy to be getting married. We had such a wonderful and fun time with them and their guests. It was a real honour to be part of their special day with them and their family and friends, hope you enjoy the images!

Happy couple in the midst of a confetti shower at a Sheffield Cutlers Hall Wedding
Cutlers Hall Sheffield Wedding

We have had an incredibly busy year this year photographing some amazing weddings! We have been so busy that we haven’t had time to post anything! Now we have finished photographing these many weddings and events, delivered all the finished images I might hopefully find some time to post some more pictures. Here are a few from a recent wedding at Sheffield’s magnificent Whitley Hall Hotel. Despite the wind it was a beautiful day and we all had fun!

Wonderful Wedding at the simply stunning Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield.  This Wedding had been 13 years in the making but boy was it worth the wait!  Had a wonderful time at the hotel with an amazing family, friends and hotel staff, can’t wait for our next visit here!

Wonderful summer Wedding at Waterton Park Hotel near Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Walton Hall, the stunning listed building nestled in the centre of a vast lake reached by a footbridge, makes an unbeleivably beautiful backdrop for images such as this with our Bride decending the main stairs with a window running between the first and second floors.